DATE: 23-24 September 2023

AO: PRZ Paintball, 204 Kingsley Rd, Picton, Ontario

REGISTRATION:  $75.00 CAD per player ($375.00/squad)

EVENT CAP: Limited to 200 players ( 40 Squads Total)

Can you recover the most money and valuables from the AO and get it out of the warzone before the buzzer? Warzone will test that theory.

The event is based on 4 insertions, where you will be dropped into the zone and have 5 hours to gather up the most cash and valuables out of all the squads in the field. You can hide the money, call in an exfil where your cash is immediately counted and considered safe or you can risk carrying your haul throughout the 5 hours. Only what you have exfil’d or have on you at the end of the round is counted towards your account balance – and having the highest account balance makes you a winner!

– There are no walk ons permitted at this event
– Squads of 5 only

Faction Colours:
After registration has been completed and paid for, each squad will pick a squad colour for their patch. Clothing Colours and gear colour do not matter – know what your squad colour is and make sure you check patches in the field.

Registration Note: Once you select team registration and select “add to cart”, please change the number of tickets to 5 on the next page as squad registration is required.

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No associated ticket types found. Try selecting another event.