What is Blackcell?

Blackcell Promotions was started in 2015 by members of Blackthorn Airsoft. We wanted to bring events to the South Eastern Ontario region that showcased the best of what we experienced and felt others would enjoy.

We partnered with PRZ paintball to hold our first event there, called Narco State. It was a huge success and from there we have gone on to hold several Narco State events, have launched a new series called Parabellum and brought back a game format we found interesting in Dark Zone. We now hold 3 events annually and will continue to do so as long as the community still supports us.

We believe in community, every one of our events is driven by feedback and by suggestions made from those around us. We can’t make everyone happy, but we can try really hard at hitting that goal!

Hopefully you have a chance to join us for one of our events, from what we hear – you’ll be backĀ for other ones in short order !

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