Narco State 7


OPERATION: Narco State 7

DATE: 5-7 August 2023

AO: PRZ Paintball, 204 Kingsley Rd, Picton, Ontario

REGISTRATION:  $75.00 CAD per player

EVENT CAP: Limited to 200 players


In 2022, the faction known as the “Yak-uza” managed to solidify their control over the Picton corridor, they have consistently run operations and improved their hold on the region throughout the past 3 years. This solid footing has allowed them to start sweeping other smaller factions out from the area without challenge.

Many other factions from around the globe have noticed that the Picton Corridor gives them access to both sides of the Canadian / US border and as such have started turning an eye to the area, plans are in motion to have a conference in the area to see if they can share a portion of the “corridor” so everyone can be richer – the current occupants of the area are not pleased with this option – and will do what they can to prevent sharing their cash cow.


– There are no walk ons permitted at this event


The Yak-Uza faction will be returning this year, with Wyatt once again taking command. Faction Colours: Primarily Black

The LOSA organization, a faction made up of smaller cartel groups will be the opposition. In unity, they will all be wearing primarily blue clothing. The commander will be Mike Hagan

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