Conquer 2024


OPERATION: Conquer 2024

DATE: 25-26 May 2024

AO: The Compound, 6026 Halliburton County Road 503, Minden, ON

REGISTRATION:  $100.00 CAD/Player ($500/Squad)

EVENT CAP: Limited to 200 players ( 40 Squads Total)

– There are no walk ons permitted at this event
– Squads of 5 only

Storyline and situation:
Recent hostilities in the southern Ontario region have boiled over, forcing
elements to retreat to the woods and establish camps away from major
metropolitan areas. The remnants of Task Force (TF) Warlock have moved to the
area around Minden, Ontario to establish a new camp since the biological
infection in the Picton area forced them to shutter their operations and
relocate. They have located and have begun construction on a series of camps in
the Minden region that houses their forces, their equipment and allows them to
conduct training. They recruit steadily from the surrounding area and conduct
their indoctrination programs in this same area.

Task Force Anvil 22 was formed by the new government out of what is left from their forces. The government has been vocal that they do not support militia style forces being raised and trained in their province. They have secretly been attempting to harvest the biological
samples that escaped the infected zones and are trying influence large portions
of the population to stand up to elements like TF Warlock. 


TF Warlock Faction colours: Civilian clothing only, no camo clothing at all

TF Anvil 22 Faction Colours: Camoflauge clothing only, no civilian clothing at all