Conquer 2024 – Official Rules

Welcome to the rules for Conquer 2024 – a force on force event where
information in gathered and acted on in the field while an overarching scenario
takes place. 2 Factions – making decisions that may result in victory – or

Storyline and situation:
Recent hostilities in the southern Ontario region have boiled over, forcing
elements to retreat to the woods and establish camps away from major
metropolitan areas. The remnants of Task Force (TF) Warlock have moved to the
area around Minden, Ontario to establish a new camp since the biological
infection in the Picton area forced them to shutter their operations and
relocate. They have located and have begun construction on a series of camps in
the Minden region that houses their forces, their equipment and allows them to
conduct training. They recruit steadily from the surrounding area and conduct
their indoctrination programs in this same area.

Task Force Anvil 22 was formed by the new government out of what is left from their forces. The government has been vocal that they do not support militia style forces being raised and trained in their province. They have secretly been attempting to harvest the biological
samples that escaped the infected zones and are trying influence large portions
of the population to stand up to elements like TF Warlock.

Event Timings:
Friday, 24 May 2024
1700 – Camping Opens
1900 – check in opens* – Chrono is not open Friday night
2100 – check in closes*
2230 – (both factions) Commanders and RECCE Teams meeting with BCP – may have
2ic and RTO in accompaniment.

Saturday, 25 May 2024
0800 – Check in / Chrono opens
1200 – Check in Closes
1230 – Chrono Closes
1300 – Game Briefing
1330 – Recce team deployment open
1430 – event start

Sunday, 26 May 2024
0830 – event ends

Task force Warlock participants are authorized to wear civilian clothing/solid
colours only, they are not to wear camo pants or shirts. Solid Colours allows
for wearing of olive drab/tan/black solid clothing items

Anvil 22 participants are authorized only camo clothing (top and bottom) and
are not authorized to wear any civilian/solid colours. Camo clothing does not
need to match, but has to be Camo.

Helmets/Load bearing equipment are not restricted, any colour/camos can be worn
by any faction – other than primarily red/orange or fluorescent colours (not
authorized at any time) – see restricted colours below

Restricted event colours:

CLOTHING OR GEAR (defined as: Orange, Green, Yellow, Bright Blue) – these colors are restricted to event staff and photographers.

Medic Rules (Both Factions):
TQs will be required – we will not be supplying them at this event as several
events already provide them. If you require a TQ, please visit an onsite

Each faction will be allowed to have 1 medic per 5 players (1 medic per squad).
They may use a TQ to revive fallen players. There is a 60 second revive time
per player, the medic must keep 1 hand on the player being revived for 60
seconds and then may apply a milsim TQ. During this time, the medic may use a
sidearm to defend himself and his patient – the patient may not use any
platform to defend himself during the healing process.
Once each faction has located and secured medical equipment drops, they will be
able to recover a medical syringe system. Each syringe may have a varied amount
of heals on it and a different duration of time it takes to heal a person that is
hit. Once the syringe is expired it must be returned to your CP and a BCP staff member will
reset them. Once a syringe has expired, milsim TQs can continue to be used as stated above.

Only 1 TQ is allowed per player, but multiple TQs can be used on the same
person – if others give theirs up. A medic may not use a TQ on themselves
(another medic from another squad must attach a TQ and use the 60 second count)
but can use a syringe on themselves if they are hit and one is available for them to use.

Faction CPs:
Each faction will be given time to establish and set up a CP. Each commander
will be given the choice of CP locations on Friday night and will provide those
details to their players.
Players may bring and establish team CPs in this area – they are not to set up
camp in these areas however – this is not a designated campsite, it is only a place to keep
equipment and keep squads fed, watered and operational.
CPs are not safe zones (eye protection on at all times) and can be disrupted by
Enemy forces.

Attacking (disrupting) a CP:
In game CPs are not a safe area and must be protected from enemy forces. If
raiding a CP, only in game props/intel can be removed. Commanders will be
carrying identifying chips (poker chips) that can be recovered if they are
killed – return these to your CP and provide them to your Command for points. Personal
property cannot be removed from the CP during the raid, leave other people’s
stuff alone. In game props/intel cannot be hidden in personal property and must
be in the open inside the CP.
Photographs of personnel, maps, intel, etc can be taken inside an enemy CP for
intel purposes.

A CP under attack cannot be spawned from for 10 minutes. Attacking forces must retreat after 10 minutes and must move 500m in all directions from the CP allowing for forces to re-enter the playing field from the CP.

Spawn and Start Locations:
During the meeting of Commanders on Friday evening, both factions will be
allowed to choose where their squads will spawn on the field at event start.
The different spawn points on the field will allow commanders to select a
number of squads to start in each location. Each commander will choose these in
alternating and secret fashion – they will be provided a map of starting
locations and will provide grid coordinates to each squad – the squads are
expected to be in this location 5 minutes prior to 1430 on Saturday 8 July
2023. Squads that are not ready and not in position at 1425 will be required to
move to their team CP and will start from the CP.

During the game, once your squad is eliminated, you will move back to your
faction CP or to a Forward deployed spawn location (if one is unlocked). You
are expected to remain with your squad as much as possible – lone wolfing is
not authorized during this event and if caught lone wolfing you will be asked
to return to your CP to join an Ad-Hoc squad.

Ad-Hoc Squads:
We understand that not all players are able to continue to play for the full 18
hours but some players may want to continue. If it happens that players start
finding themselves solo, we ask that they coordinate with their command to form
“Ad-Hoc squads” We ask that Ad-Hoc squads be 2 or more players.

In game vehicles:
Each faction will have the ability to field a vehicle for combat purposes. It can be used as a gun truck and troop transport. Each vehicle will be staffed by 5 people: a driver, co-driver and 3 support personnel. Each vehicle will have the ability to be armed with 2 LMGs and personal weapons for each crew member. If the driver is shot, the vehicle is to stop, the co-driver can take over as driver once the injured driver is removed from the vehicle. if a TQ is available he can also be healed.
If a vehicle is hit by an anti-vehicle device (Taggin rounds) then the vehicle is deemed dead and will remain in position for 5 minutes and crew can disembark and work as a ground squad to protect their cargo if they have any.

Additional vehicle specific details will be posted in a new section on the website called “vehicle rules”.

On Field Props:
Props will be identified by faction specific markings that will
be on the props – until a specific mission provided by your command requires
it, you are not allowed to move, interact or disturb any props in the field.
You may advise your command of prop locations and may guard these locations –
but you are not to touch the props unless advised you can move it.

Timer Stations:
As territory control is still important for this event – each faction will be
provided with a faction timer – It will be required to be moved every 60
minutes to pre-identified locations (provided to each faction commander during
brief). They must be brought to a location – activated and then when the hour
is over they are to be frozen and moved to the next location and enabled by the
faction – this will be demonstrated to your commanders and during the event
If an opposing faction clears any shooters from the area and have access to the
timer, they can disable it and switch it to their faction. These points will
count for double and will continue to count until the originally assigned
faction can rescue their timer – at which time they should disable it and then
move it to their next pre-determined location.

RECCE Teams:
There are 2 recce teams per faction – their primary objective is to find and
scan faction specific QR codes – these QR codes drive the storyline for the
RECCE teams will be allowed to be deployed up to 1 hour prior to the start of
the event, but must return to their CPs by 1420 on Saturday 8 July. During
their time in the field, they are not to take photos, Scan QR codes or engage
each other – they are allowed to take notes, draw sketches, mark maps. They are
not permitted to move on field props.

Radio frequencies:
We ask that all players using BAOFENG style radios to limit them to
“low” power in an attempt to prevent bleed over.
In the interest of maintaining the spirit of the game, we ask that both teams
respect their channels and stay off of opposing faction channels.

Channel 1 – 462.5625 – Main Game
Control Channel (all – not to be monitored)
Channel 2 – 462.4875 – TF: Warlock to GC (only Warlock command and RECCE on
this channel)
Channel 3 – 462.6125 – Anvil 22 to GC (only 22 command and RECCE on this
Channel 4 – 462.6375 – GC Spare
Channel 5 – 462.6625 – GC Spare
Channel 6 – 462.4875 – TF Warlock 1
Channel 7 – 462.7125 – TF Warlock 2
Channel 8 – 467.5625 – TF Warlock 3
Channel 9 – 467.5875 – TF Warlock 4
Channel 10- 467.6125 – Anvil 22 1
Channel 11-467.6375 – Anvil 22  2
Channel 12-467.6625 – Anvil 22  3
Channel 13-467.6875 – Anvil 22  4
Channel 14-467.7125 – GC Spare
Channel 15-462.5500 – TF Warlock Spare 1
Channel 16-462.5750 – TF Warlock Spare 2
Channel 17-462.6000 – Anvil 22  Spare 1
Channel 18-462.6250 – Anvil 22  Spare 2
Channel 19-462.6500 – GC Spare
Channel 20-462.6750 – GC Spare
Channel 21-462.7000 – GC Spare
Channel 22-462.7250 – GC Spare

General Gameplay rules:
Who Can Play: The minimum age to play is 16 years old. All players under the
age of 18 MUST have a waiver signed and should be accompanied by someone on the
field at all times.


Safety: We consider safety the #1 priority. Airsoft is designed for the
mature and level-headed player. Common sense and the right, fair-play, honest attitude
are a must at our events.

We require everyone when not on the playing field to have their magazine out
and safety on! All pistols must be holstered.

All players are required to attend the safety briefing prior to the start of
the game.

While we encourage players to wear face protection, it is not required. Face
protection will however allow players to enjoy the fast pace and often
close-quarters nature of the events without fear of damage to their face and teeth.

We require that all players wear ASTM certified eye protection. ANSI Z87.1
and/or ASTM F- 1776-99a rated (or greater) ballistic eye protection will also
be accepted. We do recommend full seal eye protection due to the nature of the
environment we play in, but this is not an enforced requirement at this time.

There will be a Mandatory Ejection of any players lifting or removing eye
protection while in “goggle on” areas (Playing Field, Chronograph Area, and
Target Area)

Cease Fire: Players or staff should call “NO DUFF” if you or another player
is injured or loses their eye protection and requires immediate Admin/Medical
attention. You will need to both vocally and via Comms (if possible) make the “NO DUFF” call
with approximate location and details of the incident – Event staff will investigate
and then give the all clear when the NO DUFF has been lifted. Magazines should
be removed and players will not be allowed to move around during a NO DUFF unless
instructed to do so by Event Staff or if assisting with injured personnel.
Situations requiring a NO DUFF call must be serious as they result in event stoppage.

Minimum Mandatory Equipment: Gun, Eye Protection, red dead rag, red dead
light and camouflage or uniform to match team colors.

colors are restricted to event staff and photographers.

No verbal abuse, name-calling, profanity, etc. will be tolerated.
No stealing, vandalizing, or fighting. (You will be turned over to the police)
No Drugs or Alcohol while the event is taking place
No Barricading doors or windows and no remodeling of the fields of play.
No riot shields
Class 1 IR Lasers will be allowed, once they have been confirmed with game
staff and are marked accordingly. All other lasers are prohibited.

Flashlights are to not have a red filter – red lights designate a dead
player and as such if a red light is used, it signifies that you are eliminated (RED =
DEAD). Deadlights are not required to flash however it is suggested that a flashing
red light be used as a deadlight. Regardless of flashing or not, RED light designates an
eliminated player.

Who’s In Charge: Game Staff and Referees have the final say. No Arguing with

Accepted team colors: These are event dependent – and are all identified
prior to the event. At no time should a player intentionally wear colors that are for
the opposite team – you will be warned and if caught again will be ejected from the
Your vest/pouches/backpack can be whatever color you wish.

You must follow our rules for camo/team colors or you will not be permitted to play.

Weapon Systems and FPS Rules: There will be 4 classes of weapons allowed at
our events – the abilities and limitations for each are listed below.

All platforms will be chronographed using .3g BBs.

In the case of HPA platforms, .3g BBs will be used unless you are using a
higher weight BB – you will be chronographed using your ammo.

Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles (M4, AK, etc): 1.5 Joules No
minimum engagement distance, SEMI ONLY (Binary triggers are not permitted)
400fps w/.20g, 328fps w/.30g

MGs (M249 SAW, RPKs, Krytac LMG, NOT M4s with box mags: 1.5 Joules
20 foot minimum engagement distance – cannot shoot indoors and must break the
plane of a window on the first floor of any building,
RPS (rounds per second) cap of 35
400fps w/.20g, 328fps w/.30g

DMR/Sniper Rifles: 1.87 Joules Minimum engagement
distance 75ft and SEMI-AUTO
ONLY -cannot shoot indoors and must break the plane of a window on the first
floor of any building,
** BASE I Safety Certification will be provided at our events for those that
wish to use Bolt Action/DMR platforms **
450fps w/0.20g, 366fps w/0.30g
** DMRs must be mechanically semi locked

SMG’s (MP5, MP7, UMP, KRISS Vector, Thompson, Uzi, any replica that
shoots a pistol caliber round): 1.0 Joules
RPS (rounds per second) cap of 25
No minimum engagement distance
328fps w/.20g, 268fps w/.30g
** SMGs that chrono above 1J will be allowed under the standard semi only rule
** AA12 shotguns are not considered SMGs and will be restricted to Semi only at
all Times

Any weapons that do not chronograph below safety limits will not be allowed
on the field! NO EXCEPTIONS!


If you are caught tampering with the FPS after you have chrono’d and have not re-

All guns will be chrono’d by our staff prior to game start and randomly throughout the

ALLOWED. This includes touch kills and knife kills.

Violation of this rule will result in immediate ejection.

Ammo: Only bio bb’s and bio tracers are permitted on the field (In
accordance with Compound Rules)

Magazine Limitations:
Realcaps: accepted for all classes of weapon / can reload in field
Midcaps: accepted for all classes of weapon, and are recommended / can reload
in field

Box Magazines: must reload fresh box mags at CPs, spare box mags can be
carried without limit and can be used to reload in field.

Assault rifles and SMGs with box magazines are not allowed to reload in
field and must return to their spawn areas to do so.

High Cap Magazines: allowed, but must be ejected each time they are to be
You are not allowed to walk around mag tickling throughout this event – you are
to eject, wind then reinsert the magazine (to simulate a reload) … Cannot
reload in field, must return to spawn area to reload them.

Hit Rule: If you are hit anywhere on your person or gear you are out. –
Friendly fire counts. – All Hits count

Airsoft is a game of honor. CALL YOUR OWN HITS. Do not call opposing team
players out. If you believe the hits on that player are not being called please
inform game staff and they will look into it. Players caught cheating will get one
warning and after that they will be ejected from the game.

After you are hit you will follow the event specific dead/medic rules.

Grenades: Only grenades that expel BBs will count for grenade kills. Inside
of a building everyone in the room will be killed. BBs must strike a player to
count. In the case of Grenades ricochets count since they simulate shrapnel.
The buildings may have inside dividing walls – the grenade must land in the
same room and go off to count as a kill – you can be on the other side of a
wall and survive – knee walls do not count must be floor to (simulated) ceiling.
Grenades must be thrown underhand and cannot be thrown over a building wall
(the “roofs” are simulated due to environment, but grenades cannot enter a
building over a wall).

Noise distraction devices do not count as a grenade; they are simply a
distraction device.

No Home Made Pyro/Smoke or Grenade will be allowed, this includes the use of
“road flares” or fireworks.

Master Mike shells will be allowed to be used.
40 Mike shells cannot be used.

Thunder Bs should not be filled with BBs as this was not their initial
design, they are primarily a sound distraction device. There are burst grenades and tornadoes
that have been designed to expel BBs, these will be allowed.

Additional field specific rules are available here: