Conquer 2023


OPERATION: Conquer 2023

DATE: 8-9 July 2023

AO: PRZ Paintball, 204 Kingsley Rd, Picton, Ontario

REGISTRATION:  $75.00 CAD per player ($375.00/squad)

EVENT CAP: Limited to 200 players ( 20 squads per faction)


At the end of 2022, a faction from Task Force Warlock – a government funded force with the goal of securing the Picton Heights region was able to push back an opposing force and succeeded in securing the area. They have established a forward supply depot and training establishment in the Picton region with the goal of ensuring they hold the area. The majority of TF Warlock forces were sent to the front lines during a local incursion which resulted in their supply depot being left unsecured. During their absence, looters and anti-government factions managed to make their way into the depot and have either looted or moved a large amount of the equipment kept there. Upon their return, TF Warlock commanders needed to shore up security and do a massive stock keeping of their equipment.
During this time, one of the factions in the local incursion – Nova Global – a privatized military force was provided equipment that was looted from the depot, and as they increase their hold in the area, the requirement for more equipment is more and more paramount. They heard of the supply depot through local contacts, and have decided that they would take it over to both hold a base of operations and a stocked supply depot.


– There are no walk ons permitted at this event


TF Warlock, commanded by “Magic” Mike were the winners of last years Conquer 2022. Faction colours: Civilian clothing only, no camo clothing at all

Nova Global, a PMC out of the western provinces of Canada, Commanded by Bryan Morris Faction Colours: Camoflauge clothing only, no civilian clothing at all

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