13 Hours – Official Rules

On September 11th, 2012 the United States foreign services came under attack by Militants with unclear motivation. In the attack on the diplomatic compound, they lost Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith and in follow on attacks on a CIA outpost known as the Annex, several GRS (Global Response Staff) members were injured or killed in a 13 hour standoff with the militant forces. All of this captured in the book and movie by the same name.

This event is envisioned in the context of the battle in Benghazi, Libya but in no way represents the true story and is loosely based on the events of that day.

[our gamescape] Welcome to Benghazi, literally the wild west of the south Mediterranean – with their government in shambles after the removal of their President (dictator) and militias taking over the city – peace seems like a distant hope.

Factions: There are 2 main factions to this event, but they are broken down in to smaller groups – details below
Militias: Dress is civilian and camo mix (must wear either a civilian top with camo bottoms or camo top with civi bottoms)
Diplomatic Security/GRS: Dress is civilian only

Friday, 27 OCTOBER 2023
1700 – Camping Opens
1900 – check in opens* – Chrono is not open Friday night
2100 – check in closes*
2100 – 2200 (ALL) – event specific question and answer period with BCP staff (at stage)

Saturday, 28 OCTOBER 2023
0800 – Check in / Chrono opens
1200 – Check in Closes
1230 – Chrono Closes
1300 – Game Briefing
1430 – event start

Sunday, 29 OCTOBER 2023
0830 – event ends

There are no colour restrictions other than Neon Green, safety yellow/Orange and Red – all other colours or mix of camo is permitted – don’t ask what you can and cannot wear – if it has Neon Green, safety yellow/Orange or Red on it, we would prefer you didn’t wear it…period.

Helmets/Load bearing equipment are not restricted, any colour/camos can be worn by any
faction – other than primarily red/orange or fluorescent colours (not authorized at any time) – see restricted colours below

Restricted event colours:
YOU MAY NOT WEAR RED, OR FLUORESCENT CLOTHING OR GEAR (defined as: Neon Green, safety yellow/Orange and Red) – these colors are restricted to event staff and photographers.

Channel 1 and 16 are of Game Control Use only – all others are open to be used as factions see fit.

Militia faction details:
Each militia (there are 8 militia factions total) will be assigned an area of responsibility, this is their area to operate in. They will have a CP in this area and a resource area to maintain/protect. The militias will also all have a specific mission set in addition to their primary mission. They may join forces with other militias or the US Government representatives if they can arrange a trade for the resource they have. Militia fighters must display their militia patch at all times.

The primary mission for all Militias is to convert their resource into whatever their intel package dictactes. They can do this by buying, trading, stealing – how it is completed is their call. At times they may meet with representatives of the US Government to conduct buy back programs, attendance and results of these meetings is entirely up to the militias.

US Government Forces:
The US Governemnt Forces are split into 2 groups, a GRS element, which is a force on force element that will conduct buy back meetings and protective details of HVIs in the area while they meet with militias. They can only back up State Department Protective Detail members if they come under direct attack.
There is a State Department Protective Detail that is assigned to protect the Amassador and the IT Specialist, they will be required to move throughout the Area, conducting meetings or just securing areas. Every hour, there will be a handoff from State Department to GRS, where a set number of GRS will convert to State Department and vice versa.

Medic Rules (All):
TQs will be required – we will not be supplying them at this event as several events already provide them. If you require a TQ, please visit an onsite vendor.

We will be utilizing the buddy healing system at this event. We ask that participants bring a simulated tourniquet to the event, to be used by someone on their squad to revive them once they are hit.

When a player is hit, they are to call for a medic. They can take a few steps out of the way once they have identified themselves as hit with a dead rag/dead light in order to clear the line of fire. At no time can a dead player speak to the location of live players – Dead Players do not talk – feel free to play up the situation, role playing is always a fun part of Blackcell events.

When reviving a downed player, there is a 60 second heal timer. The person reviving the downed player will have to place 1 hand on the player and count to 60. They can use 1 hand to use a sidearm to defend themselves and the downed player. The downed player may not use any weapon at all. If shot while attempting to revive the player, the count ends and both players are down – until someone else tries to heal them.

if you are downed and waiting for a person to heal you – you have a 5 minute bleed out period. during that time, all items you are carrying must be dropped – if they are picked up by another player (friendly or opposition) you are considered dead and must return to the staging areas.

In game vehicles:
There are no faction specific vehicles in play, and at times there may be the Blackcell Promotions staff vehicle moving around the field – it will have it’s 4 ways on and will not be armed. The drivers are not participating in the event – they are simply staff – They may be carrying passengers – wait until they are 10 paces from the vehicle before engaging – they cannot use the vehicle as cover. If there is a requirement to have the vehicle stopped as part of a mission – game control will be present and will provide the method in which the vehicle is to be stopped.

On Field Props:
All onfield props will be identified with the Blackcell logo – these will be able to be traded/exploited, etc.

General Gameplay rules:
Who Can Play: The minimum age to play is 16 years old. All players under the age of
18 MUST have a waiver signed and should be accompanied by someone on the field at
all times.

Waiver: if you have participated in an event this season already and have a waiver on file, you
are good to go, if you have not – they are available here:

Safety: We consider safety the #1 priority. Airsoft & Milsim is designed for the mature
and level-headed player. Common sense and the right, fair-play, honest attitude are a
must at our events.

We require everyone when not on the playing field to have their magazine out and
safety on! All pistols must be holstered.

All players are required to attend the safety briefing prior to the start of the game.

While we encourage players to wear face protection, it is not required. Face protection
will however allow players to enjoy the fast pace and often close-quarters nature of the
events without fear of damage to their face and teeth.

We require that all players wear ASTM certified eye protection. ANSI Z87.1 and/or
ASTM F- 1776-99a rated (or greater) ballistic eye protection will also be accepted. We
do recommend full seal eye protection due to the nature of the environment we play in,
but this is not an enforced requirement at this time.

There will be a Mandatory Ejection of any players lifting or removing eye protection
while in “goggle on” areas (Playing Field, Chronograph Area, and Target Area)

Cease Fire: Players or staff should call “NO DUFF” if you or another player is injured or
loses their eye protection and requires immediate Admin/Medical attention. You will
need to both vocally and via Comms (if possible) make the “NO DUFF” call with
approximate location and details of the incident – Event staff will investigate and then
give the all clear when the NO DUFF has been lifted. Magazines should be removed
and players will not be allowed to move around during a NO DUFF unless instructed to
do so by Event Staff or if assisting with injured personnel. EVENT STAFF ARE THE
ONLY ONES THAT ARE TO CONTACT LOCAL 911 SERVICES. Situations requiring a NO DUFF call must be serious as they result in event stoppage.

Minimum Mandatory Equipment: Gun, Eye Protection, red dead rag, red dead light and
camouflage or uniform to match team colors.

colors are restricted to event staff and photographers.

No verbal abuse, name-calling, profanity, etc. will be tolerated.
No stealing, vandalizing, or fighting. (You will be turned over to the police)
No Drugs or Alcohol while the event is taking place
No Barricading doors, windows or stairwells and no remodeling of the fields of play.
No riot shields
Class 1 IR Lasers will be allowed, once they have been confirmed with game staff and
are marked accordingly. All other lasers are prohibited.

Flashlights are to not have a red filter – red lights designate a dead player and as such
if a red light is used, it signifies that you are eliminated (RED = DEAD). Deadlights are
not required to flash however it is suggested that a flashing red light be used as a
deadlight. Regardless of flashing or not, RED light designates an eliminated player.

Who’s In Charge: Game Staff and Referees have the final say. No Arguing with Staff.

Accepted team colors: These are event dependent – and are all identified prior to the
event. At no time should a player intentionally wear colors that are for the opposite team
– you will be warned and if caught again will be ejected from the event.
Your vest/pouches/backpack can be whatever color you wish.

You must follow our rules for camo/team colors or you will not be permitted to play.

Weapon Systems and FPS Rules: There will be 4 classes of weapons allowed at our
events – the abilities and limitations for each are listed below.

All platforms will be chronographed using .3g BBs.

In the case of HPA platforms, .3g BBs will be used unless you are using a higher weight
BB – you will be chronographed using your ammo.

Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles (M4, AK, etc): 1.5 Joules No minimum engagement
distance, SEMI ONLY (Binary triggers are not permitted)
400fps w/.20g, 328fps w/.30g

MGs (M249 SAW, RPKs, Krytac LMG, NOT M4s with box mags: 1.5 Joules
20 foot minimum engagement distance – cannot shoot indoors and must break the
plane of a window on the first floor of any building,
RPS (rounds per second) cap of 35
400fps w/.20g, 328fps w/.30g

DMR/Sniper Rifles: 1.87 Joules Minimum engagement distance 75ft and SEMI-AUTO
ONLY -cannot shoot indoors and must break the plane of a window on the first floor of
any building,
** BASE I Safety Certification will be provided at our events for those that wish to use
Bolt Action/DMR platforms **
450fps w/0.20g, 366fps w/0.30g
** DMRs must be mechanically semi locked

SMG’s (MP5, MP7, UMP, KRISS Vector, Thompson, Uzi, any replica that shoots a
pistol caliber round): 1.0 Joules
RPS (rounds per second) cap of 25
No minimum engagement distance
328fps w/.20g, 268fps w/.30g
** SMGs that chrono above 1J will be allowed under the standard semi only rule set.
** AA12 shotguns are not considered SMGs and will be restricted to Semi only at all

Any weapons that do not chronograph below safety limits will not be allowed on the


If you are caught tampering with the FPS after you have chrono’d and have not re-

All guns will be chrono’d by our staff prior to game start and randomly throughout the

ALLOWED. This includes touch kills and knife kills.

Violation of this rule will result in immediate ejection.

Ammo: We recommend Biodegradable BBs however it is not a requirement.

Magazine Limitations:
Realcaps: accepted for all classes of weapon / can reload in field
Midcaps: accepted for all classes of weapon, and are recommended / can reload in field
Box Magazines: must reload fresh box mags at CPs, spare box mags can be carried without
limit and can be used to reload in field.
Assault rifles and SMGs with box magazines are not allowed to reload in field and must
return to their spawn areas to do so.
High Cap Magazines: allowed, but must be ejected each time they are to be wound.
You are not allowed to walk around mag tickling throughout this event – you are to
eject, wind then reinsert the magazine (to simulate a reload) … Cannot reload in field,
must return to spawn area to reload them.

Hit Rule: If you are hit anywhere on your person or gear you are out. – Friendly fire
counts. – All Hits count.

Airsoft is a game of honor. CALL YOUR OWN HITS. Do not call opposing team players
out. If you believe the hits on that player are not being called please inform game staff
and they will look into it. Players caught cheating will get one warning and after that they
will be ejected from the game.

After you are hit you will follow the event specific dead/medic rules.

Grenades: Only grenades that expel BBs will count for grenade kills. Inside of a building
if used inside of a small room – everyone in the room will be killed. If used in a large
open space (like the gym, warehouse, outside and hallways) BBs must strike a player to
count. In the case of Grenades ricochets count since they simulate shrapnel.

Noise distraction devices do not count as a grenade; they are simply a distraction
device. EG Mk5 Thunderflash grenades are permitted – use them sparingly indoors – no more than one can be thrown into a room at a time. Taped together MK5s are not permitted.

No Home Made Pyro/Smoke or Grenade will be allowed, this includes the use of “road flares” or fireworks.

Master Mike shells will be allowed to be used.
40 Mike shells cannot be used.

Thunder Bs should not be filled with BBs as this was not their initial design, they are
primarily a sound distraction device. There are burst grenades and tornadoes that have
been designed to expel BBs, these will be allowed