Narco State 6

April 1, 2022 20:00 - June 25, 2022 00:00 PRZ Paintball - Picton, ON

In 2021, the Yakuza managed to take over the Picton Corridor and has been the most profitable area for the cartel out of the east. They have reinforced the area with their best and plan to keep the corridor as a steady stream of funds and product.
The Sinaloa cartel in turn is being spurned by one of their lieutenants who has knowledge of the area and is willing to commit his contacts in a bid to take the corridor back over. This lieutenant, who made his way to the sinaloa cartel and became one of their heavy hitters on the border is now backed by the cartel and has been given the green light and bodies to take the area back over.

Ticket Type Price Cart
NS6 - Sinaloa $75
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