Conquer 2022

September 16, 2022 17:00 - September 18, 2022 08:30 PRZ Paintball

Welcome to the small inlet of Picton, once a booming tourist site in Southern Ontario, it soon became a site of huge importance to the Canadian Federal government when precious metals were found in late 2021. The Government has sent in forces to secure several locations – one of which is located on Kingsley Rd, a residential development site that was never completed – where they started to scout for and exploit the area for precious metals. Nearby housing establishments were just starting to get used to the 24/7 drilling and blasting that they were hearing, until one night everything went quiet. The government locked down the site and will not allow anyone into the area.
The town of Belleville has decided that they wanted to access these minerals, hoping to have a leg up on the Federal Government and have hired a PMC company to go in and secure the area, they have hired an organization known as Task force Warlock and they have given them strict orders to go in, lock down and secure the facility for mining/blasting teams to move in and they are to not take any prisoners.
Never to be left out of the loop, the Federal US Government noticed the movement of forces into the area and sent in a proxy team to act on their behalf – they hired Phantom Ltd which is a military contractor used on several operations overseas. They have been ordered to cross the waterway and secure the facility by any means necessary.

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